Recently releasing the hit song “No Tomorrow” off of their soon to be released album, AXS decided to find out more about this trending band of brothers also known as CEASEFIRE. This smoking hot group of guys are rocking their way up the charts and into hearts across America. Ray Alexander, Kamren Alexander and Anthony Hainsworth are the current members of this relatively new rock band. As a trio, we wanted to learn more about this Los Angeles based band, to include their music, inspiration, and successes.

Sitting down to chat about themselves and the bands’ success on January 13th, 2015, they first discussed how they mesh to make the brilliance that is their music. “We all keep each other honest on a daily basis. We all greatly respect each others’ personal (and) musical opinions. There is always fire where there is passion, and we definitely have moments when we feel it from each other” they said, “it always comes out to better the product in the long run.” As far as a “leader” in the band, they all agreed that it would be Kamren, who is the lead guitarist. “He is the Musical Captain of our Ceasefire ship and is great at unearthing the bands ideas and visions.” said the band. When it comes to the brotherhood, Ray said, “Yes, Kamren and I are Brothers and Tony was adopted… Or you could say he adopted Kamren and I for that matter…” Big words filled with a lot of heart for this group of guys who really know how to stick together…. Read more via the full site :